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Bengt Neiss bengt.neiss at kb.se
Wed Nov 15 14:04:35 GMT 2017


I am trying to build VeraPDF from based on the instructions in the README.md

I am building the software on a RHEL7 server with OpenJDK 1.8.0_151 (and I am aware that the readme says Java 7) and it is the latest release source that are being used.

However, when using the "mvn clean install -P clone-test-resources" I get the following warning - " [WARNING] The requested profile "clone-test-resources" could not be activated because it does not exist". Has I missed something or isn't the Readme up-to date?

The build ends succesfully but when I try to start by issuing the "java -jar gui/target/gui-1.8.0.jar" I get the message " No main manifest attribute, in gui/target/gui-1.8.0.jar". Is this due to trying to use Java 8 or is it related to something else?

Thanks in advance,

Bengt Neiss
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