Yes, one can use the XSLT reports as used in the GUI:




to convert the MRR report from the CLI to the HTML reports.


The DetailedHtmlReport.xsl can be applied to the MRR reports resulting from a single job processing.

The SummaryHtmlReport.xsl can be applied to the MRR reports from batch processing


Both XSLT accept three parameters:

  1. isFullHTML (default: true) – specifies whether the complete HTML should be generated or only a div that could be used for insertion into other HTMLs
  2. parserType (default: null) – parser type. At the moment the valid values are “Greenfield” or “PdfBox”
  3. wikiPath (default: github wiki).  The base path for the Wiki on validation rules. This parameter can be used to have Wiki placed locally.


Hope this helps.


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Perhaps, using XSLT to transform the XML report on a HTML report can be a option. But I never made that with XML veraPDF reports.


Good luck!




Em qui, 14 de mar de 2019 às 09:28, Pavlásková Eliška <eliska.pavlaskova@ruk.cuni.cz> escreveu:

Dear all,


I would like to ask you for advice with VeraPDF command line interface. My institution (Charles University) use Vera as a validator of students’ thesis. Students are supposed to submit thesis in PDF/A format and pass validation test based on our custom profile. In case of failure they get a VeraPDF xml report. Problem is that XML report is not very user-friendly. We would like to use HTML report with links to validation rules wiki, but it doesn’t seem to be possible from CLI. Is there any solution of this? Has anyone tried to use html report from CLI?


Thank you in advance

Eliška Pavlásková


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