I'd love to be your beta reader, maybe what I want to change is not as core-ish as you anticipate so I guess this does not even touch the validation part. I want to add the file contents to the Feature Extraction data of the Embedded files so that I can run a policy validation, i.e. a schematron on it, so I expect I need to change veraPDF-library and veraPDF-apps only(?).

Apropos documentation, thanks for the page which shows how to integrate veraPDF (I used that for a very rudimentary version of our web interface, see https://github.com/ZUGFeRD/ZUV/), is it possible to also run feature extraction/policy checking programmatically?

kind regards


Carl Wilson <carl@openpreservation.org> hat am 13. Juni 2017 um 10:57 geschrieben:

Hi Jochen,

What you're looking to do takes a little Maven trickery. You're effectively wanting to replace a public Maven component so you'll need to tie down the version numbers so that it uses your custom version. Which version are you hoping to change, the greenfield or PDF Box version, or possibly both? If you let me know I'll add some detailed instructions to the documentation site and you can be my tester if that's OK?

On Sun, 11 Jun 2017 at 12:44, Jochen Staerk <jstaerk@usegroup.de> wrote:

I want to change something in the core, i.e. in veraPDF-library.
In the end it should affect the veraPDF GUI, i.e. veraPDF-apps.

I checked out both veraPDF-library and veraPDF-apps and I can build both
of them separately with "mvn clean install" and "mvn clean install -P
clone-test-resources" respectively but the latter one seems to downoad
and use code from artifactory.

My question is: how can I build a version of veraPDF-apps which uses my
updated version of veraPDF-library?

thanks and kind regards

PS: I seem to get a [WARNING] The requested profile
"clone-test-resources" could not be activated because it does not exist.
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