We have a situation where a PDF/A-1b generated by PDFTools fails in VeraPDF validation. We need to find the problem to be able to use VeraPDF as a trustworthy validator!

The VeraPDF “ValidationResult” is as follows:

ValidationResult [flavour=1b, totalAssertions=6096003, assertions=[TestAssertion [ruleId=RuleId [specification=ISO 19005-1:2005, clause=6.2.3, testNumber=4], status=failed, message=If an uncalibrated colour space is used in a file then that file shall contain a PDF/A-1 OutputIntent, as defined in 6.2.2, location=Location [level=CosDocument, context=root/document[0]/pages[234](256 0 obj PDPage)/contentStream[0](4695 0 obj PDContentStream)/operators[1040]/xObject[0](4696 0 obj PDXForm)/contentStream[0](4696 0 obj PDContentStream)/operators[6137]/fillCS[0](1157 0 obj PDTilingPattern)/contentStream[0](1157 0 obj PDContentStream)/operators[15]/strokeCS[0]]]], isCompliant=false]


The response from PDFTools on looking at the generated document and the Vera-response is as follows:


“I can reproduce the behavior and have analyzed the exact error message returned by veraPDF. I can confirm, that the message is not correct. veraPDF complains, that "an uncalibrated colour space is used". However, the respective  tiling pattern is an uncolored pattern, so it does not define any colors.


The latest version of Adobe Acrobat (Preflight – my note) also validates the file successfully.”


Can any one tip me how to proceed? Is the response from PDFTools valid? In that case, how to fix VERA validation?


We are using jar-files from Vera of version 1.14.105 (except for pdf-model-parser 1.14.103 and parser-1.14.104).


I also include the actual pdf-file and the docx source file.