Hi Jochen,

Thursday at 15:00 CET is grand as far as I'm concerned. Stuck a calendar appointment in at 14:00 BST for me. Will do my best to prep a little ;). Looking forward to it.

On Tue, 13 Jun 2017 at 21:20, Jochen Staerk <jstaerk@usegroup.de> wrote:

> The "trick" here is that the apps project doesn't rely on the library
> directly but rather it inherits the dependency from either

... that explains a lot, I was looking in the direction of the downloads
from the artifactory.

> veraPDF-validation or veraPDF-pdfbox-validation for the greenfield and
> PDF Box versions respectively. It sounds as though what you're intending
> to develop might be best approached as a feature plugin which wouldn't
> require a change to core at all if done right. Given the documentation
> and provided examples aren't great at the moment I'd be willing to spend
> some time helping you get going and producing some better documentation.

I would very much appreciate help to get my going and the opportunity to
write the plugin.

I would offer the webex session and as a compensation some kind of draft
documentation afterwards to help others understand and do what we did
which you could edit, base upon, rewrite (or throw away).

Thursdays and Fridays would be great, this week particularly thursday,
how about e.g. 1500 CET?

kind regards
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